Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 2: Room and Narrative

Arrière-cour d'une Maison Hollandaise by Pieter de Hooch

Narrative: A little girl runs away from her neglectful, social climbing mother for the warmth and stability of the kitchen to help the affable maid cook dinner.

For this project I really wanted to juxtapose rooms emulating discordant feelings. The kitchen area should be warm, stable and inviting to a child while still remaining rustic, conversely the upper rooms while having ornate, beautiful exteriors should be empty, severe, and cold.

Coming up for my scheme for the 'cold' rooms proved to be easiest, I in essence wanted to create gilded cages.

Coming up with a scheme for the 'warm' room, however, proved more difficult. As the narrative sounds a bit like a fairy tale I started gravitating towards the idea of rustic, English cottages and finally found these image of cottages and houses embedded into the earth.

I quite liked this idea of placing the rooms into the earth. By making the kitchen area an organic shape, part of the rock I was able to express these ideas of stability and rusticity. Also, by embedding quite modern, glassy upper rooms into the rock there is an immediate discordance between the rock and the 'cold' rooms. I resolved to site these rooms into a cliff face like the ones below.

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