Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 2

I am definitely developing a love/hate relationship with SketchUp. I sometimes am just ecstatic about what I can produce in the program and other times beyond frustrated that I cannot make it do what I want it to do.  This is my week 2 assignment.  There were supposed to be 2 sets of stairs with this one and, while I was able to manage getting a set of stairs from the ground level to the upstairs (despite the fact that it does not really work with my design), I could not figure out how to do the stairs to the sub-ground level (you can kind of see my attempt with the spiral in one of the 'bulbs' which was supposed to be the support for my steps).  After tutorial I pretty much started this one over so this is all I have for this assignment.

Stair Sections:

Sketch up model based on below section: Radiate and Saturate


  1. Hey Julia,
    i like your sketchup work, especially the above ground design as it clarifies with your word radiate, this also includes the colour red. The stairs going up to the above ground is also interesting.


  2. Hi Julia, I agree, the above ground element works really well to both capture the idea from the drawing but also architecturalise it. By this I mean that it gives it some body ... the thickness of the walls helps a lot in this regard. By the way, a student slipped your notebook under my door ... they must have found it somewhere. Cheers