Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some more Sketchup work

I didn't do a whole lot in SketchUp, probably to my detriment, but my environment is so linear and I am slightly more comfortable using Unreal than SketchUp (and judging from how long this environment took me, I'm glad I stayed primarily within a program I could manage better). However, I did develop my elevators and tables in SketchUp and I've included their draft pics here (all except the Obama elevator which I lost the file on, luckily after importing to Unreal). The main meeting space table and the Prada table I did in parts in SketchUp and then put together in Unreal.

My main idea about power for this project is how those in power are only as powerful as their weakest supporter and that to be effective and create something beautiful the powerful need to depend on others; the meeting space table and Prada table were built to reflect that interconnectivity.

Meeting table support:

Prada table support and tabletop:

The elevators are really simple. I was a little worried about doing anything extravagant since the elevator shafts are so constrained so I tried to reflect that idea of interconnection on a flat surface.

Prada Elevator:

Obama elevator:

The Obama table is a little different. With this one I wanted to convey a solidity, yet something that was still open and welcoming to others.

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