Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Black Box Reflection

Slide 38 (The Disconnected Shadow):

Screenshots from my UT environment:

The first image above is slide 38 from chapter 2 of the Black Box Lecture: The Disconnected Shadow. I chose this slide for the image of the curving walkway on the left. I thought this slide was particularly relevant to my Unreal environment as large components of my structure are shadowy or narrow walkways. In slide 38 the bright light at the end of the shadowy tunnel makes one curious as to what is around that final corner. Similarly, I tried to use light and shadow in my environment to instil the same curiosity and lead you from one space to another. I was also quite careful about the mood that the lighting in my environment would create. Slide 38 with its glowing red background and dark twisting shadow projects a darkly mysterious and moody feel, something I tried very hard to avoid in my environment. With such dark textures and shadow projection in Unreal I wanted to create as light and airy a feel as possible with the textures and lighting at my disposal.

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