Monday, May 25, 2009

Rough Ideas for Exp 3 (more to follow)

I'm running very behind on this project but in the interest of having *something* ready for tutorial I'm posting some rough models I'm playing with in SketchUp.  

This one actually started out as my elevator but the more I messed with it the more I liked it as the meeting space.  

Based on these sketches:

Here's what I have so far on my (former) elevator.  The circles in the wall are pretty close to one of my textures and there are steel pipes running from each circle from one side of the building to the other (haven't done all the circles yet b/c I want to make the circles smaller).  I want to kind of 'nest' the box in the steel pipes.  Again this is really rough and quickly put together but I like the idea of the inverted vs protruding windows and the random pipes meeting together.

Table idea.  Another really rough sketch up, I'm just trying to play with some ideas.  I really don't like this table but want to play with the idea of a really heavy tabletop supported by spindly intersecting legs.

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