Monday, May 11, 2009

Mash Up

Fear and power do not peacefully coexist. It follows, then, that he or she who wishes to reach the most rarefied and potent ranks of power, must have a certain serenity. A certain above-the-fray quality and invested in the idea that logical arguments can always change minds and even hearts. With iconic status comes the intense glare of public attention.  The powerful earn the right to try whatever they like. But if they fail, the biggest of stars falls far and hard, in front of millions.  The powerful are curious, independent and thoughtful nor are they cowed by complexity.  They never follow anyone else's lead, just their own original energy and get tough with their critics.  Those in power convey an optimism that by applying hard work to a thoughtful if imperfect plan we can transcend usual financial, dealmaking or designing insecurities.  Yes, they’re going make mistakes. Lots of them, as people who make the hard decisions always do.

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